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High School in Spain

Study at a high school in Spain

  • Age of students: 14–18 years
  • Arrival to Spain: August/September or January/February.
  • Language requirements: None, however, two years of Spanish studies are advised. 

  • Visa: Depending on the nationality of the student and for stays longer than 3 months.

  • Area choice: Yes

  • Soft Landing Camp: Optional, 5 days in Barcelona

  • Language Course: Optional three-week Spanish online Preparation Course.
  • School day: Normally from 8.30 to 14.30

  • Trips: San Sebastián and Portugal (Surf Camp) 5 days trips are arranged at an additional cost

  • Subjects: There are both compulsory subjects and electives

  • Program: Several options

Become an exchange student in the beautiful country of Spain. Spain is a colorful nation offering everything you need for a successful year abroad. Its rich culture, pleasant climate, beautiful nature, and laid-back lifestyle yearly attract exchange students from all over the world. From long beautiful beaches along the coast to impressive mountain ranges and medieval cities, you will soon notice that Spain has it all.

With over 400 million Spanish speakers (!), this language makes one of the biggest in the world. This means that you will open many doors by studying here, both regarding future career possibilities but not least when it comes to connecting with new people. Look forward to an exchange year full of sunshine, language skills, and friendships.

The Iberian geography has a great impact on the climate, fauna and flora; and there’s a huge diversity and a broad difference regarding landscapes, weather, animals and plants in Spain’s regions; ranging from the not-so-touristic greenish and rainy North –which reminds of Ireland and Scotland-, to the drier and charming South, full of colors, light and world-famous local customs.

Apart from Spanish, some other dialects and languages are spoken in our country, such as Catalan, Basque and Galician. Besides the richness these co-official languages bring to Spanish culture, our exchange students are located in areas where Spanish is widely spoken. In some cases, students may have 1-3 subjects in the local language.

We are famous for our siestas, bullfighting, flamenco, football, idyllic beaches, tapas and paella, but trust us: there’s so much to discover in Spain! Get Ready to experience all this and much more as a local and not a tourist. Become an exchange student in Spain!

How your spare time in Spain will look is, of course, dependent on your interests, as well as where in the country you will live. You may stay close to sandy beaches, vibrant cities or beautiful rural areas. Every of our exchange students’ experiences is different, and you can be sure to get a unique insight into the Spanish culture and society during your exchange year in the country.

Sports & activities

Spain’s pleasant climate creates excellent opportunities for you to stay active. You can go on excursions and practice fun outdoor activities, such as hiking and surfing depending on where you live. Being active outdoors is a great way to see more of the country. If you want to practice more common sports, such as football, basketball or handball we recommend you to contact a local club as soon as you arrive, in case your high school do not offer any after-school activities.

It is also highly recommended for you to join your host family’s activities after school and on the weekends. Your family may go to sports events, visit family and friends or like to spend time in the nature in their spare time. Either way, being open-minded and curious about their lifestyle will enrich your exchange experience and spare time in Spain.

By staying with a Spanish host family, you will get a true insight into the Spanish culture. Besides being the ultimate way of finding out more about the Spanish everyday life, it is the best way to improve your skills in the Spanish language. Before you know it, you will be able to join intense discussions over family dinners as well as to navigate yourself easily in the society.

Spanish host families are dedicated, passionate, talkative and open. We Spaniards like to chat and talk about our feelings a lot, either when we are in low spirits or when we are over the moon about something. Your host family will be want to know how you are doing, if you’re adapting properly and if you’re doing well at school and making friends. Communication is key for a successful experience, so be ready to express yourself.

All Spanish host families are formed by two or more members and will provide you with accommodation, a place to study in your room or elsewhere in the house, and full board. Most of them are typically middle-class families eager to share their lives with an exchange student. Many of them will have some previous experience hosting, and you will be expected to share your culture and lifestyle with them too. Be ready to participate in daily activities, family life and simple routine chores around the house. You must also respect all house rules such as the curfew.

As a part of a Spanish family, you will get to experience holidays such as Día de Reyes and El Día de Todos los Santos, which are celebrated characteristically in Spain’s different regions. You will also get to enjoy typical Spanish cuisine such as croquettes, tortilla española, and gazpacho soup. Spain is recognized as one of the top cuisines in the world. The food is, furthermore, often served at very affordable prices in its cafes and restaurants. If you love food, you are definitely doing right in choosing Spain as your exchange destination.

It will be fun and exciting to experience things about Spain but remember that your family are curious about where you are from as well. Tell them about your home country, introduce them to films and music or serve them some typical food or pastries. They will appreciate finding out about where you come from, just as you do learning more about their country.

Spanish host families decide to host international students because they believe it is fun, exciting, and providing. However, our host families in Spain do get reimbursed for hosting our students to be able to afford the extra food and housing costs.

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