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Classic High School in Spain

Our traditional programs

Our Classic High School program is the traditional high school program, most common among our students. When choosing this program in Spain, you get matched with a loving family somewhere in the country.
You can, for instance, be placed by the beautiful Costa Blanca, get to experience the popular port city of Huelva, or study in the surfing paradise of Galicia. It all depends on where your future host family lives. It is the choice for you who long for a true Spanish experience, anywhere in this mesmerizing country.
You can enroll in the Classic High School program in Spain for one semester or a full study year.

Area choice at an additional cost 

Do you prefer the beach or city life or maybe both? For you who have a wish of being placed in a particular Spanish city, we offer area choices at an additional cost within our Classic High School program.
Choose to spend your exchange year in the attractive cities of Madrid, Alicante or Valencia, and more at an extra cost.
Please note that the number of spots available on each area choice are limited. To guarantee your spot, we recommend you to apply for your exchange year as soon as possible. First come, first served!

Select High School

Spain your way

Do you already know how you want your exchange year in Spain to look? Maybe you want to live in a specific city, receive tuition in English in a British school, or study your favorite subjects? Either way, you are making the right choice by enrolling in our Select High School program, where you get to enjoy Spain the way you prefer.

Tell us your preferences

We have a close cooperation with high schools in some of the most popular cities of Spain. Tell us your preferences regarding city, subjects, and activities

We will tailor your exchange

And together we will tailor your Spanish high school exchange in a way that suits you well. You can enroll in the Select High School program in Spain for one semester or a full study year.

About high school in Spain

Exchange student in Spain

As an exchange student in Spain, you will get an excellent opportunity to experience the everyday school life of the Spanish teenagers. The two last years of Spanish high school are called “Bachillerato”. Most of our exchange students are placed in year number one.

Subjects & School Activities

You usually get to choose between enrolling in three different high school programs during your exchange year or semester in Spain. These are Science, Social Science as well as Humanities. Compulsory subjects in most schools are Spanish, English, Spanish literature, Physical Education, and Philosophy. You often get to choose one or two elective courses yourself, depending on which program you enroll in. These electives may, for instance, be Music, Industrial Technology, Religion or Scientific Culture.

Spanish high schools generally do not offer a range of extracurricular activities to engage in, but some schools have their school teams in football and basketball. The majority of our exchange students in Spain do, however, participate in activities outside of school. If you want to practice a specific sport, make sure to contact a local club before or when arriving.

Semesters and Breaks

The Spanish school year is divided into three semesters with a start in September and ending in June. There are breaks over summer, Christmas, and Easter. In addition to this, there are also public holidays, specific to the different Autonomous Communities. The weeks and days off school are great for spending quality time with your friends and family, and to see more of Spain on various excursions.