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Area choice

With Get Ready, you get a unique opportunity to choose where in Spain you want to spend your exchange year at high school.

When applying for a high school year within the Classic High School Program with us, you are guaranteed to get your area choice approved at an extra cost. This is as long as we have spots on your particular choice left and that specific requirements, such as an approved application, are fulfilled. So make sure to apply on time – first come, first served!

How would you like to spend your exchange year in Spain? With access to the beach in Alicante or Cádiz, in the capital of Madrid or why not in the popular city of Valencia?

Beach Guarantee

Let’s go to the beach!

high school exchange near beach in spain

Spain’s fantastic beaches attracts millions of tourists every year. Spending your high school exchange near one of these beaches is possible with us at Get Ready!

With our Beach Guarantee, you get to study in, or within 45 minutes away from one of the lovely coastal cities of Alicante, Cadiz or Valencia. Prepare for an exchange year full of ocean waves and fun beach visits.

Area Choice in Spain

Choose where you want to live

study in spain alicante high school

Our Area Choice is the perfect choice for you who prefer the city life, and who maybe already have a favorite city in Spain that you would prefer to study in.
You can choose between studying in the wonderful cities of Alicante, Madrid, Seville and more.
Mind that you can either live in the city, its outskirts or the nearby areas. You will always have easy access to the city center by public transport.


The city of sunshine

study high school in spain alicante

Alicante is a summer paradise located on the beautiful Costa Blanca coastline in south-eastern Spain. With around 330,000 inhabitants, the city is known for its palm tree flanked boulevards, shopping streets, white sand beaches, and vibrant social life.

The average temperature is 18 °C, with mild winters and hot summers. This making it a perfect city choice for you who prefer life in the sun, near beautiful beaches. In Alicante, you will get a true Spanish experience among beautiful environments and fun events.


The most beautiful golden beaches

Study in Spain

The province of Cádiz has a coastline of 250km. It’s a region of outstanding natural beauty and incredible surfing beaches. This ancient coastal city – the oldest in western Europe- is located in southwestern Spain and attracts tourists from all over the world. It also offers one of the biggest carnivals in the country every year, that lasts for 11 days.

If you are sporty, you are going to love it here. Try surfing, golf, or go for a run along the ocean. The city is highly popular among exchange students, so you can expect to meet students from several different countries when studying here. The high school students often gather at the beach after school hours, where they hang out and have fun together.


A city full of colors

study high school in spain sevilla

With its Mediterranean climate, many cultural events and universities, Seville attract young people from both all over Spain and the world. This big city has near to 700.000 inhabitants and is full of both traditions and history, but also lively events throughout the year. Make sure to go watch a live game of their top team Sevilla FC playing!

The annual average temperature in the city is 25 °C, with wet winters and dry summers. As an exchange student in Seville, you live about an hour from the beaches along the Gulf of Cádiz, giving you a nice opportunity to visit the beach in the weekends. You will also get a chance to experience unforgettable occasions such as Seville’s worldwide famous Semana Santa and its Feria de Abril.


The city of light and paella

area choice high school in spain

Valencia is a coastal city in eastern Spain. It is Spain’s third-largest city, after Madrid and Barcelona, with nearly 800.000 inhabitants. You find plenty of beautiful mountains and beaches surrounding the town, giving it a truly unique feel. And also, here you find some of the best paella in Spain!

Valencia is a perfect city for you who want to enjoy life near the beach, and maybe try out fun water activities such as sailing, kayaking or paddle surfing during your exchange year. It holds world famous festivals such as La Tomatina or Las Fallas. The average temperature is 17 °C, with short, mild winters and long, hot summers.


The capital city that never sleeps

study in madrid high school

Welcome to Madrid! The Spanish capital offers a fun and vibrant lifestyle in central Spain. With elegant boulevards, large parks, and plenty of tapas places and churro cafés, Madrid is cosmopolitan and touristic, famous for shopping, tapas, museums, sports and leisure activities. There’s always something to do and you’ll never get bored!

More than three million people live here, making it the third larger city within the EU. The summers here are hot, while the winters are a bit cooler, with an average temperature of 7 degrees. Madrid is perfect for you if you are used to long distances and hectic city lifestyle. You can enjoy its live sports events like football games of any of its five teams in La Liga, Real Madrid mind-blowing basketball games in Euroleague, or concerts of all kinds of bands and styles. The capital of Spain is a perfect combination of history, culture and entertainment.

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