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Preparation course in Spanish

Three weeks to get your Spanish ready!

To prepare you as better as possible for your exchange year in Spain, we offer an online three-week prep course.

It’s organized by the end of the summer and scheduled at some point in the month of August, leaving you a free week before you come to Spain.

You’ll gain confidence 

We recommend everyone who needs some preparation in Spanish to join the course.

This way you’ll gain confidence to dare to keep basic conversations when you meet your host family and classmates for the first time.

About the language course

Length: Three weeks in August

28h of lessons (10 hours per week, minding bank holiday on August the 15th).
9 culture workshops of 55 minutes each, happening Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. The workshops will be about geography & history, customs, festivities, folklore, gastronomy & national dishes, music, politics & current affairs, Spanish slang and non-verbal communication, phrases to socialize/make friends…
Class schedule (Spanish time, CEST*):
Mon/Wed/Thursday: 08.45-10.35 Spanish Course + 10.50-11.45 Culture workshop
Tuesday/Friday: 08.45-10.35 Spanish Course.
*Approximate times that might vary from one year to another.
Channel: Zoom meetings. Attendance, camera and micro on are compulsory. All lessons/workshops will be recorded in the event that some students need to miss some classes for any reason.
Language: Lessons in Spanish, Workshops in English + Spanish.
Levels: The school will split the students based on a level test. The course is recommended to all students with no prior level of Spanish, as well as to those who have studied for one year or more. One group will be addressed for total beginners (A1-A2) and the other will meet the needs for students with a superior level (B1-B2).
Maximum number of participants per group: 12. In the event that one group is too big, two groups of the same level will be created.
Final Certificate: The school will issue a participation certificate at the end of the course.

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